Tyrell Jason

Camera operator / Aerial / Movi

Tyrell Jason is an upcoming filmmaker out of the New Jersey/New York area. He has worked on over a hundred big-budget TV shows and movies such as The Angriest Man in Brooklyn, Boardwalk Empire, Person of Interest, iCandy, End of tour, Delivery Man, and Time Out of Mind, to name a few. He has been filming and editing since the age of 8 years old. While attending college to get a degree in film making at the New York Institute of Tech- nology, he had worked for the news in editing and later, switched over to camera, contin- uing to work in the news field, doing both editing and camera. In 2009 he had moved to cinema, which is now his primary focus.

Along with editing and camera some of his other strong points include grip and lighting, AD, and even occasionally directing. A true jack of all trades with experience in cinema films, from independent movies to big-budget Hollywood blockbusters. He continues to push his limits, outdoing himself on each project that he works on, he is a vital member of any production team, with an unlimited range of knowledge and ambition to learn more and more and constantly pushing himself in every and all fields that he can. He is becoming a more and more well known director of photography and is now also an aerial camera operator. He's an all around great and likable guy, and anyone he has worked with would tell you the same. A great up-and-coming filmmaker who's always a pleasure to have onset.

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