United Pictures Presents - Touch

April, 2015


John J. Touch, 44 year old slob with no job, a drunk who's lost all hope, finds himself going from bar to bar, drowning deeper and deeper in a world of self pity. After the tragic death of his wife 5 years ago, brother in law and lawyer Bob Sinclaire is becoming tired of bailing his brother in law out. He does indeed care for John, but is feeling the pressure of saving his ass every time he gets into trouble. One day after another session of bar scuffs, Judge Gerald has enough and gives John two alternatives, 6 months in jail or 18 months community service.

Bob eagerly persuades John to take the latter option, like he has a choice. With the court system breathing down his neck, Bob enrolls John into a teaching job, at a local school. With no academic skills at all, and a razor switch temper, how can someone like John possibly survive in the timid atmosphere of a local high school?

Bob takes John to meet with the principal of the school the next day. John finds out that the school is one of the most run down schools in the state. And the team that Bob has set up for John happens to be made up of 11 of the most crazy deliquents you could ever come across.

United Creative Pictures presents this hilarious comedy about a hard ex footballer who has to teach a bunch of unruly kids the art of discipline and motivation. And in doing so, the girls teach him the art of passion and kindness. And together, they become one of the biggest soccer teams in the USA.

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