Performing/Recording Artist Kyrie London is a rare gem in the entertainment world today. With a delicate kindness and warm humor to her spirit, yet a very ballsy stage presence and authenticity - not to mention a powerful voice like an angel, Kyrie is at the beginning of a huge career that spans over countries, crosses boundaries and is accessible to people and music/movie lovers of all kinds. Her 1st single Rooftops from her upcoming debut album was mixed by engineer Phil Tan, who counts Katy Perry - Firework, Rihanna - Only Girl and Mariah

Carey - Always Be My Baby among his previous works. Music prodigy Rob Fusari, who was instrumental in Lady GaGa's album The Fame and also producer of the Destiny's Child hit Bootylicious put his magic on the production of the catchy song. The video for the single starring UK actor/movie star Robbie Gee had its premiere at the London Odeon Leicester Square Studios and was featured on VEVO extensively, while legendary remixer Todd Edwards (Grammy winner - Daft Punk - RAM) spun up a storm up remixes for Kyrie’s upcoming debut album. Dave Pensado, who has worked with Beyonce, Kelly Clarkson, Pink, Michael Jackson and many more, also lent his tasteful ear to Kyrie’s inaugural album, polishing 7 songs for the upcoming release this summer.

To have so many well-respected and experienced musicians involved in an album would be incredible for an established artist, for someone whose career is only just beginning it's nothing short of amazing and proof of just how much confidence the assembled cast of producers have in Kyrie's abilities as a singer and the music she has made with UK Producer and husband Dreamweaver (Rudy Roopchan). Not to mention their collaboration with UK acting legend Robbie Gee, with whom they worked with in the video for Rooftops. Robbie, whose acting credits include Snatch, Pirates of the Caribbean, Underworld and the classic

UK Television shows Desmond's and The Real McCoy - not only provided a great performance in the promo, but also instilled confidence in Kyrie. A man who she says has the presence of Morgan Freeman and empowered her in the run up to her own appearance in the video, Robbie’s performance was powerful at the foot of the real Fighting Cage put together by the crew on the morning of filming day with full-scale LED screen backdrop.

Kyrie is set to record the single for the theme tune of TOUCH as well as to help produce the film. While co-producing her own music videos “Rooftops” and “Your Love Is Toxic,” she got a glimpse of more than just the performance aspect of her career. American singer and actress Kyrie London also has a talent for production. She worked diligently alongside Rudy and Nick Cooke to help create the colorful setting and mood of her Toxic video starring singer/actor and Stevie Wonder collaborator Omar Lye-Fook to be released this summer.

She graduated from Berklee College of Music in 2008 with honors. Kyrie has been acting and singing since the tender age of 8, when she scored her first leading role as Mona Kent in Dames at Sea. This was her first summer at the French Woods Festival of the Performing Arts, a performing arts summer camp many talented actors and performers have attended including lead singer of Maroon 5, Adam Levine and actress Zooey Deschanel (Elf, 500 Days of Summer). Kyrie spent a total of 9 summers at French Woods honing her acting and performance skills. She was the leading lady in many productions, including her role as Mabel in Pirates of Penzance, Charity Barnum in Barnum, K.C. Downing in My Favorite Year, and Ariel Moore in Footloose. In 2003, Kyrie was inducted into the International Thespian Society.

In 2013, Kyrie had the honor of performing a Live Studio Session with current band members of Jamiroquai, Rob Harris and Matt Johnson and also past players, Derrick McIntyre from Jamiroquai’s Dynamite album and Jose Joyette, child prodigy drummer who’s been a regular with the incredible band. The session was performed and recorded at London’s classic Dean Street Studios. Some of the magic captured there will be used on Kyrie’s upcoming debut album. Kyrie has also worked with outstanding guitarist Stanley Andrew (played for Sting, Sade, Billy Ocean, Aswad, Joss Stone and many more).

Not only can Kyrie dazzle on stage but she is also very good with people behind the scenes. She assisted with Funny’s NYC Radisson Casting on Broadway last year. Auditionees spoke of the warmth in the audition room. You could usually hear Kyrie laughing in the background. She has a charm onscreen and off and is a valuable team member. She pays close attention to detail, a quality much needed in filmmaking. Kyrie is a member of the Live Out Loud Business Community. Janet K. Fish, right-hand woman to Millionaire and creator Loral Langemeier, one of today’s most visible and innovative financial experts, is Kyrie’s current mentor. She is learning marketing strategies, the building blocks of a solid business and how it all applies to turning ideas and creativity into cash.

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